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A grappling hook and a new game mode in the next Fortnite's update!


Rain of super impressive kills montages involving the grappler in 3, 2, 1...

Some months ago, Fortnite's users managed to find in the game's files a new weapon called "The Grappler". But make no mistake, this mysterious, intriguing and above all completely crazy new weapon will not only unblock the toilets, as it can be thought by looking at it !

From what we know for the moment, the grappler will be of epic quality, will have its own ammunitions and will make it possible to carry out a whole heap of super stylized moves, in particular at the end to infiltrate the opposing constructions. Announced during the PAX 2018 Summer Skirmish live, it will probably appear on patch 5.4, along with a new game mode, High Stake !

In this mode, you will need to find four safes on the map in which a jewel-lama is enclosed. You will have to carry it on your back and take it to a flying van, perched several meters above the ground and to which you will have to have access by your own to get out! The first four teams to bring back their gems will win the game.

There are obviously still plenty of new features in this next update, which you can discover just below.

Photo : Epic Games

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