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Are video games too violent for the IOC ?


The President of the International Olympic Committee ruled that games are promoting violence or discrimination.

Continuing on the: "Will we ever see an esport at the Olympic Games? ", it seems that we are now at a dead end. While most spectators of electronic sport were rather concerned about the presence or not of video games at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the IOC does not really like the shape of some of its games.

It was therefore at a press conference at the Asian Games that Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, revisited this debate and gave his point of view: for him, video games are "too violent" and promote violence or discrimination. He even added: "Games, where the goal is to kill someone, do not fit in with Olympic values at all."

It should be remembered that it was precisely during these Asian Games where Mr. Bach spoke that several demonstrations of sports took place, which, according to several observers, were very popular and quite intriguing. Nevertheless, the issue of violent games at the Olympic Games is a long-standing issue. And it is true that with such media exposure, it is impossible to put games with blood and weapons on television....

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