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Did we finally find where the ‘Strange Cube’ is going?


You maybe saw this cube over your last Fortnite’s games. Now we maybe know why he is there for…

Some days ago, a strange cube as popped on Fortnite after many lightning bolts strokes in the desert. Totally unexpected, this cube has also closed the Rift which was sending players elsewhere on the map through portals. The mystery was set up and since then, many players were trying to determine why such a big glowing purple cube was added.

At first, we quickly discovered that the cube was moving by either rolling on the ground or either sliding, once every two hours. And at some locations, he was strangely glowing and left under him some strange runes and even zero gravity fields. Some player said on Reddit that those runes are written in some Nordic languages, but it has not been confirmed yet.

A German team of data miners found out in game’s files that the cube will stop on a total of 7 locations to ‘drop’ a rune, and then end to the “lake”, the only one being obviously Loot Lake. Here is the full trajectory of the cube and the last location of the “lake point” where he will stop. But after that, what will happen?

Among all the theories around the cube, one is really interesting. Because the cube absorbed the Rift and all the electrics bolts and things that the Rift bring with her, he must contain all the electricity in him. So, when he will finally reach the Lake, all of this with will connect and explode, probably in many fragments which will create another interaction with players.

To discover what will happen, be sure to follow his path on the game and stay tuned on Esport Management’s blog for more information!

Photo : Epic Games

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