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Call of Duty Black Ops IIII: Can it dethrone Fortnite and PUBG?


This brand-new BR mode, “Blackout”, seems really promising…

The Battle-Royale genre is getting bigger and bigger, and everyone is willing to create its own mode to take a little part of the cake. But with Fortnite and PUBG, it can be hard to raise up alongside these two monsters… And what if the Call of Duty license made it with the new Black Ops IIII and his BR mode, “Blackout”?

Honestly, and since many players had the opportunity to put their hands on it, the Blackout mode seems really great. As many said on Reddit and Twitter, the game can be compared to an easiest PUBG, and it reminds the way League of Legends has been created from DotA: a simpler game, with fewer mechanics but where you can have fun pretty quickly. Oh, and Call of Duty license’s fans will be glad. Different parts of some iconic maps, such as Nuketown, Raid and Hydro, are featured on the map. What more could you ask for?

Looking at the game itself, it is a real Battle Royale game as you could expect. You are dropped at the beginning and you must find your own weapons and your ammo to win the game versus other players. A huge part of the gameplay relies on the many vehicles you have access to, such as quads, wingsuits, trucks, boats, and even helicopters, as it is important to move around quickly and kill your opponents to progress toward the Top1.

Among all the little changes Blackout has made compared to others Battle Royale, there is also a PvE dimension into the game. At some locations, you got what we can call “zombies-points”, which are protecting some special weapons or equipment interesting to help you win the game. All the dilemma is here: would you rather take the risk to fight the zombies and collect the loot (and eventually die against these creatures) or either only aim for the victory and the players, even if your gear is not on point?

Finally, the mode is still in beta but devs’ already told the community that their feedbacks will be used to improve the game. For example, many players reported that the item pickup system and few other things were not on point. Some hours later, Treyarch published an official statement on Reddit, ensuring players that those things would be changed before the official release, as they wished it. And it is super great to see how Treyarch listen to its community and show how they will react to huge feedbacks like this in the future.

For now, Blackout seems pretty good and promising. Only two days after the beta release, players are thrilled by this new BR and could potentially move from Fortnite and PUBG to this one. The only thing that could break the recent hype around is the price: Blackout will only be available along with Black Ops IIII, which will cost at least $60. And that’s maybe too much for some players…

Photo : Treyarch

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