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Big upsets at the FACEIT Major !


What the hell happened during the FACEIT CS:GO Major?

A CS:GO Major is always a good moment of esport, where every team are coming with high expectations and a willingness to shine. But among all the teams which are capable of winning, there are also teams that can create surprise and reach a top-level of play against opponents that would have crushed them in other circumstances… And that’s why this FACEIT CS:GO Major is already one of the biggest events of 2018 after two days of competition.

Things started big in the Qualifiers, where we already had some big upsets such has NiP taking on the number 1 team in the world, Astralis in a breath-taking match of 54 rounds, or even the sharks from Vega Squadron going huge against BIG, coming back from a 3-12 first half into a 16-14 victory. This to say that since qualifiers, it has been a crazy tournament. And it seems that it won’t stop there!

Right after the Challenger Stage, things continued as the French squad of G2 Esports would take on Hellraisers. And the match was one of a kind, as it ended on the score of 22-20 for the Frenchmen. Then we saw the FaZe’s team losing to BIG 5-16, which was unexpected, MIBR failing against the Chinese team of Tyloo (13-16) and Fnatic against Complexity (4-16) in a pretty hard way. 

On the day two, Hellraisers came strong versus another Legend team, Cloud9, in a tough match, winning at the very end 19-16. And we also saw FaZe failing one more time, this time against the Ukrainian powerhouse Na’Vi 12-16, which put them in a pretty bad position in this group stage, as they are now down 0-2 and need to win all of their next games to join the Main Stage…

There is the ranking before the day three of the competition. As you can see, FaZe is in a pretty bad situation, as well as Cloud9. Fnatic, NiP and G2 are still in the course, but those who are strangely ahead are BIG and CoL, which are doing one their best tournament so far. Let’s see how they will perform in they manage to win their third match.

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Photo : FACEIT

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