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TSM won’t attend the League of Legends World Championship this year…


The American structure had not missed it since the very first edition in 2011…

Sometimes, Legends come to an end. Some days ago, we saw SKT T1 K fail to attend the League of Legends World Championship 2018 and now, another great team did not make it… By falling short to Cloud9 in the Gauntlet’s final, the famous Team Solomid failed to qualify for Worlds. Their first missing of the event since 2011.

2018 was definitively a tough run for the TSM guys… Despite being the most crowned structure in NA LCS, the team created by Andy “Reginald” Dinh had hard times. During the Spring Split, the team emerged third of the regular season, but then get smashed 1-3 by Clutch Gaming in quarterfinals, ending there their dream to eventually reach for the 11th consecutive time an NA LCS Final. It was a hard hit, but the team would not fall apart because of that. Going back into the Summer Split, TSM still had the opportunity to come back and to qualify for Worlds.

Things started smooth, as the team ranked 5th at the end of the regular season, taking games against almost everyone. During the Playoffs, it was better though, as the team managed to defeat Echo Fox 3-2 in the quarterfinals and then falling short against C9. Even if they lost against Sneaky and his mates, it was not over yet. By winning the next BO5 against 100Thieves for the third place, they could fight for the third seed in the Regionals Qualifier.

And so, we thought it was safe enough for them. Especially when they crushed Echo Fox 3-0 in round 2, going to the Regional Final against Cloud9 as the better team. Three games later, it was done and Cloud9 would be the third team to represent NA in Korea, where the World Championship will take place. Sadly for TSM, and despite having one of the bests western midlaner (Bjergsen) and one of the best botlanes in the world (Zven and Mithy), they won’t attend this one.

How the whole TSM structure will bounce back from that? We will surely know in a few weeks or months. Stay tuned for more!

Photo : TSM

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