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New OP trick with Brigitte!


Brigitte is one of the most controversial heroes. But with this new trick, players are going to hate her even more!

When it comes to Brigitte from Overwatch, players are usually not that friendly. Hate her or love her, but the 27th hero is a very powerful character and is considered by many as one of the most controversial heroes. Why that? Because she can be played as a mini-tank thanks to her shield, but with great support backup with her ultimate 'Rally' and her 'Repair Pack'. And above all, Brigitte is a very easy champion to play! All of this combined, she is not that loved by the community and considered to be a "braindead" hero, designed for new players.

All of this to say that Brigitte is powerful enough to be a most played in normal or ranked games, and even played a lot by the pros from the Overwatch League. And thanks to the following trick, she is going to be even more played!

A Twitch streamer called Arek2597 found a way to 'rocket-jump' with Brigitte, giving her the ability to reach key points to melt out opponents... As you can see in the following clip, this trick allows Brigitte to jump very far, and look very interesting from a strategic point of view.

The question you are now wondering is: 'How the hell can I perform such a trick?". Well, in fact, it is easy. All you must do is a jump, and then quickly cast your Shield Bash + Whip Shot. This requires a little bit of practice but when you get it, it is easy to jump on your enemies and take them down fast. Note that you can still bump and damage players with your Whip Shot if you aim correctly at them.

Last point: because of Brigitte controversy since her release, this trick must be disabled in a few days/weeks by Blizzard's developers when they'll see it. Use it in your games if you want, but do not rely too much on it, as it won't stay for long in our opinion. Have fun anyway!

Photo : Blizzard Entertainment

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