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Does the Real Madrid want to get into esport?


The powerful Spanish football club seems ready to welcome esport teams and tournaments!

Lately, a video was posted on the Real Madrid's YouTube channel, showing 3D footages of the next Santiago Bernabéu stadium. And on this video though, an intriguing plan showed us what actually looks like an esport arena, ready to welcome the future Real Madrid's video games star players. Regarding the trailer, it seems that this arena will first be for esport games like FIFA or PES, but who knows? The Real Madrid is maybe trying to build some new things and we can maybe expect more teams on other games if the project works well.

Screenshot from Real Madrid

Regarding the stadium in itself, it's just superb. Santiago-Bernabéu was built in 1947 and renovated in the 90's and 2000's, and is one of the most famous football stadia in the world, the Real Madrid being also one of the biggest football clubs ever... This new futuristic stadium represents well all the achievements this great club have won through the years. Let's see if it will be the same in esport...    

Just keep in mind that this video is a concept, so things might change in the future. It is already great to see that the club eventually thought about esport and is willing to make something around it.     


Photo : Real Madrid FC

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