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Where will the giant Tencent stop?


The Chinese company Tencent is launching its own We Games video game platform in the West to compete directly with Steam.


If there is a video game platform that everyone knows in the West, it's Steam. Owned by the American company Valve, Steam has a huge catalog of titles, lots of friends to play with and some of the biggest esport games of the moment. What more? Except that towards Asia, Steam is not really an unavoidable platform, and the players are rather on WeGames. Never heard of it? It's normal. But it is likely to change in a very short time, since the platform is coming soon to the west. Its goal? Export - among other - in our countries the best Chinese games. And especially to shade Steam.

In the Middle Kingdom, the Chinese giant internet and mobile services Tencent occupies a large place in the video game industry. Yet, it’s difficult to find on the net a lot of information about it, while it is one of the largest companies in China, and so in the world. Its services are numerous, and its number of users can be estimated at nearly 700 million! Yes, more than half of the Chinese would use Tencent tools, including Tencent QQ and WeChat. Then, you realize the weight of this company, which may surprise more than one with WeGames. By the way, this news also falls badly while Valve has just signed a partnership with Perfect World, another Chinese company, to develop Steam in the country! When one is targeting the West, the other is preparing to enter China ... Agree at the end!

Still, with the arrival of WeGame, we will be able to discover and play the best Chinese games. No doubt that the arrival of the platform will certainly drain many curious, eager to see what is playing there. Because apart from CrossFire (made by Tencent ...) and DotA (Valve), we do not know much about Chinese gaming habits. Blame it on a government that carefully monitors the opening of its country to the world. Testifies besides the exemplary discretion of Tencent on the net ...

To conclude this article, some gaming news to remember about Tencent. First, you should know that the leaders have already invested in major Western video game companies. For example, Tencent owns a large stake in Activision Blizzard, which you know for sure. We can then mention Riot Games and its game League of Legends (100 million players), and finally Bluehole and Epic Games, respectively at the origin of PUBG and Fortnite! You did not know? Tencent actually has one foot in two of the biggest Battle Royale of the moment. But be assured, if the shares that Tencent owns in Activision Blizzard and Riot is high, about 40%, it is a little less for Epic and Bluehole, around 30 and 10% according to estimates. Well, you now know a little better Chinese giant Tencent, and you will not be surprised when WeGames arrive in US or Europe! And as they say in Mandarin: 好 游戏! (Good game)

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