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Explore the world of League of Legends!


The world of Runeterra will soon have no secrets for you.

You dreamed about it, Riot Games did it. After expanding the history of the League of Legends world for years through the history of playable characters, the Californian company has recently launched an interactive map of Runeterra, the world in which the events of LoL take place. And the result is simply bluffing !

Notice to fans of Lore, because this card will keep you awake for a moment. By browsing it, you learn a lot about various elements of the game world, especially the cities and geography of League of Legends. Zaun, Piltover, Bilgwater, the Shurima Desert and the Dark Islands are all places that are known throughout the history of the characters, but less as economic or scientific centers for example. In addition, the boundaries between the various military forces of the game have been precisely established, and it is understandable why Demacia and Noxus (the two most important city-states) are fighting so much.

Finally, the map also gives us additional information about the fauna and flora of some places of Runeterra. We learn for example where is the portal of the Void from which emerged creatures like Cho'Gath, Rek'Sai or Kog'Maw. Even stronger, the many drawings and sketches representing the inhabitants and buildings of some places are simply incredible and make us really want to dive into this vast universe to get out!

Moreover, this interactive map has revived the debate among the community concerning the adaptation in MMORPG of the League of Legends universe. And when you see the work of research and creation that Riot performed, we do not stop wondering if this would not be the basis of a future game, just an MMO. In any case, we cross our fingers to make it true!

CP : Riot Games

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