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The Queen of Junkertown, next hero of Overwatch?


Long awaited, the Queen of the Australian bush could land in a few months in the Blizzard FPS.

I know what you're going to say: "The next OW Hero is only on the test server and you're already telling us about the one after? But what's wrong with you?" But there's evidence to suggest that we already know the next hero of Overwatch, who would actually be a heroine. Besides, who cares about a fat hamster controlling a robot? Nobody! (I overdo it?) Be careful, everything here is pure speculation. If she's not the next hero, don't hurt me! OK? All right.

In your wheel, hamster!

If Hammond already looks like a super fun and very charismatic character, in addition to bringing that touch of "kawaaaaaaiiiii" that was slightly missing (after all, every game must have its mascot), many players are looking on all sides for additional clues regarding the possible arrival of the Queen of Junkertown, that some have been waiting for a very long time. And imagine that it is in Hammond's trailer that there is a very big clue about his potential arrival.

Indeed, if his appearance was not really known, players had already had the opportunity to hear his voice in the trailer of the Junkertown card, as well as playing the map. A few small lines of dialogue had been enough to trigger many and many theories about the regent of this lawless territory that is Junkertown, where reigns only the law of the strongest. It was only once the card was playable that the most observant had found a poster representing her. Her reputation was made: the players were certain that she would be the next character in the game.

What role for the Queen?

Bad luck, Hammond landed in Overwatch right from his station on the moon and thus postponed a theoretical exit of the Queen. But, but, but! In the said trailer of the hamster's appearance, we see that he received his crown of 'gladiator boss' by none less than the Queen, at least judging by his appearance which resembles that of the poster. That's all it took to revive the embers of rumours.

So if Blizzard ever chooses to add her in game, what kind of character will she be? Judging by her story, that the American studio's devs are gradually teasing, she's an outstanding fighter. Before Hammond (again, definitely him), she was even the champion of the Junkertown Coliseum. What treatment will Blizzard give her? Will it be categorized as a'tank', or as a'fighter'? Despite the few clues available, knowing her role in advance (again if she appears as a playable character!) is a relatively difficult task.

CP : Blizzard Entertainment

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